Alex Shuttleworth – Digital Portfolio

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Nature Photography

Recent examples of my nature photography. Taken whilst studying my MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation and the University of Leeds and carrying out fieldwork for a summer 2021 research project at Bempton Cliffs RSPB Reserve, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Volunteer Design Work – Digital Illustration for Climate Science

Since April 2020, I have worked as a volunteer illustrator for Climate Science (, a charity providing free climate change education resources in the form of online courses for classrooms, a mobile app with quizzes and a children’s book series.

Volunteering with Climate Science has involved me communicating with other volunteers from around the world via Slack and Zoom and using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to produce design assets such as graphics for online courses, presentation slides and mobile apps.

I have also had a large role in illustrating Climate Science’s upcoming children’s book series ( and designed the diverse set of kid characters featured in the book series, alongside the Book 4 and Book 7 front covers and double and single page spreads for books 1, 2, 3, and 5 (including the world map double page spread featured at the end of each book!)

Climate Science – online course graphics:

Climate Science’s range of free online educational courses can be found here:

Climate Science – children’s book series:

Completed books with the most up-to-date page designs (featuring additions from other illustrators on the Climate Science Art Team) can be found here:

Climate Science – mobile quiz app and Instagram design assets:

Here are the links to the Climate Science Instagram and smartphone app

#LockdownCam – Personal Wildlife Camera Trapping Video and Digital Design Project:

During the summer of 2020, I set up a camera trap in my family’s garden in Oxfordshire to try and film wild mammals at night as a pass time in the 2020 UK Coronavirus Lockdown. I edited the best pieces camera trap footage into short video clips using Adobe Premiere Pro and shared them as posts on Instagram and Twitter, helping to get my friends and followers engaged with British mammals and promote the importance of gardens for wildlife.

At the end of the summer, I put the results of the camera trapping survey together as series of illustrated Instagram posts using Adobe Illustrator and shared the results on Instagram as an educational post.

N.B: due to an error with the camera’s internal system between battery recharges, the camera’s timestamp incorrectly reset to 2016 during the 2020 project.

FBS Postgrad Life Social Media – University of Leeds

During the 2020/21 academic year, I worked as a postgraduate engagement intern for the Faculty of Biological (FBS) Sciences at the University of Leeds.

In this role, I ran the ‘FBS Postgrad Life’ social media accounts, hosted Q&A sessions on Microsoft TEAMS with Uni of Leeds students and support staff, and put together newsletters in Mailchimp to keep all taught postgraduate students at FBS Leeds updated with upcoming events, coronavirus safety measures and wellbeing support resources while studying their courses in the pandemic.

I also maintained an ‘EXPLORE LEEDS’ online noticeboard with info on different parks, nature reserves, urban green spaces and running routes for students to explore coronavirus restrictions made indoor social events and student activities difficult.

Examples of ‘FBS Postgrad Life’ social media that I made using Adobe Illustrator and Canva can be seen below.

Professional Experience:

Global Water Intelligence (GWI): Marketing Assistant (Aug 2016 – Feb 2017); Marketing Executive (Feb 2017 – Oct 2018); Content Marketing Manager (Oct 2018 – June 2019):

Between August 2016 and June 2019 (prior to starting an MSc course at the University of Leeds), I was part of the marketing and content team at Global Water Intelligence (GWI), a market research and publishing company focused on the international water industry.

My work at GWI gave me experience in the planning and execution of marketing campaigns for a variety of different audiences, and in the production of different digital and print marketing materials. For my role as Content Marketing Manager, I specialised in copywriting and content creation for marketing and communication purposes, regularly producing informative and engaging content for:

  • email marketing campaigns,
  • social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • event marketing campaigns (print, email and social media)
  • infographics
  • web pages (using WordPress and Wix website development tools)
  • blog posts
  • press releases
  • report summaries

By working closely alongside the Marketing Director, creating weekly to-do lists and day plans and staying on top trends and focus points in the international water industry, I made sure these marketing campaigns were delivered on schedule and generated leads for GWI’s publishing sales team and online engagement from GWI’s specialist readership of industry leaders and decision makers.

I also worked closely with GWI’s in-house research and editorial teams to make sure all marketing materials effectively and accurately communicated GWI’s news stories, research, and analysis to the press, the general public and the company’s industry audience. This allowed me to achieve such outcomes as sending out a press release on GWI’s global water market research which was then used in an article by the Financial Times (FT), and regularly providing leads to the sales team through marketing campaigns to help GWI meet its quarterly sales targets.

I also managed GWI’s social media accounts, and regularly created posts, graphics and GIF animations for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to promote GWI’s news, research output, and events. In this capacity I was responsible for maintaining GWI’s brand identity across all social media, setting up paid-advertising campaigns, and monitoring audience analytics which I then used to ensure GWI’s follower counts continued to grow across all social media platforms during my time at the company.